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Team Building Events at Battleverse

Looking for a team building experience that is unique and different from all the experiences in all of Toronto? We are the first augmented reality gaming experience in all of Canada!

Imagine thrusting your arm forward to cast a magic fireball to destroy monsters or enter a team battle of the Accountants vs The Sales team! We all know you want that to happen. You can come to our facility or we can come to you!

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Team Building With Battleverse

We are a great option for businesses looking for a mix of co-operative and competitive gaming options for their team building or corporate events in Toronto.

Battleverse games foster a competitive spirit, but also require teamwork – some of our game modes are built exclusively around principles of cooperation and collaboration. In addition to battling it out with one another, we provide groups with the opportunity to team up to fend off armies of invading (virtual) monsters.

For more information on how you can build bonds and boost morale within your team, contact us today at 647-558-4523 or

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