The planning and execution of the most memorable birthday parties always come with stress and complications. All of the moving parts that need to be orchestrated together sometimes prove to be tricky. Whether it be a mix up with the invitations, an oversight on the food or worst of all, sub-par entertainment.

But fear not, because we’ve got a new way to celebrate a birthday! Battleverse is an interactive game that has a combination of Player vs Player and Player vs Monster scenarios. We aren’t just a regular video game party in our venue your kids become part of the video game. Rather than just sitting on the couch their whole body becomes the controller, however they move is how they play the game.

The 3 Easy Steps To Planning The Best Birthday

Our All-in-One birthday package isn’t just an incredible experience for the kids, but also for the parents. In 3 easy steps we can help you make a kid’s birthday wish come true;

  1. Contact us: Call or email Battleverse with your chosen date and time
  2. We send out your invitations: Give us a list and we will email out an invitation to all of the potential participants using one of our Battleverse e-vite templates
  3. After the parents drop off their kids, their job is done. Parents have the option to wait for the duration of the hour-long game in our parent lounge. Here you can relax, watch the game unfold and let us take care of the kids. The kids will have a great time playing the game, will be provided with 2 large pizzas and a drink each and also will go home with an action-packed video of their game. Additional food and beverages can be added to the package as well.

Let us help make the next birthday party you plan, one that will never be forgotten!

Want to see what your kid’s experience could be like? Check out our videos here!