Join us as we usher in a new age of interactive experiences by hosting fun and immersive games for people of all ages. Our games are family friendly and great for birthday parties and company team events!

We are a VR/AR game development company that creates VR and AR multiplayer games that are enjoyed by people of all ages starting from 8 and up. Customers have described our latest game, Battle Mages, as: “It’s like dodgeball with magic powers!”

You can join us in our grand venture into introducing Augmented Reality to people of all ages! If you are new to the business or have your own venue this is the perfect solution to bringing in new customers and gaining great media attention. Our Licensing Subscription Program makes it easy for you to get started!














My son who is 9, and his 3 buddies had a fantastic time. Staff is very friendly and helpful. we’ll go back again.

Ric Spracklin

All I can say is WOW…. Four Grown Adults having the time of our lives! Steve was helpful and very informative about the game play. Graphics were good. The whole experience was very engaging 🙂 Thanks! Battleverse, I’m going to bring a new crew next time 🙂 🙂 🙂

Cheryl To

A great time for all ages. We had a blast and will be back again for sure!
Kudos to the friendly and professional team at Battleverse for their hard work having created this on their own.

Chris Balarezo

Birthday party for my son – they loved it! Very easy to deal with and very accommodating. I would highly recommend Battleverse.

Sara Nicholson
Great game. Awesome AR experience. I had a ton of fun here. You should definitely check it out.
Neelan Joachimpillai

Went with the family and a few friends and we all had a great time. The staff was awesome and we’ll definitely be coming back as we really enjoyed the AR experience.

Steven Chow

What Do You Get?

The 6 Missions Your Customers Get To Play!

Player vs Player Games

  • Elimination – Last team standing wins (Player vs Player)
  • Domination- The team with the most eliminations win (Player vs Player)
  • Beast Protector – Each team must protect their sacred beasts from the enemy (Player vs Player)

Players vs Monsters Games

  • Portal Invaders Pt.1 – Work together to defend the Earth realm from invading orcs!
  • Portal Invaders Pt.2 – The orcs have come back with reinforcements this time with their own orc wizards!
  • Portal Invaders Pt.3 – The big bad orc boss is coming for all of you! Fight together for the final Battle!

4 Battle Mage Characters To Choose From!

Players can choose between 4 different characters each with their own special ability.

  • Guardian – Special Ability – Set down Magical Shields that will help protect teammates
  • Vanguard – Special Ability – Shoot 3 magical bolts at once
  • Druid – Special Ability – Can heal their wounds
  • Necromancer – Special Ability – Summon skeleton warriors to aid them in battle

What else do you get?

  • Game gear training – we’ll show you how to use the equipment
  • Game host – we’ll have a designated game host to help run your game smoothly
  • Photos – We will be taking  your in-game photos so you can share it on your social media!

Player vs Player Arena Battle

Team Co-op vs. Monsters (Computer AI)

How Do You Shoot Augmented Reality Fireballs?

Simply put on our Augmented reality headset and arm controller we call the HAND CANNON and blast away!

The Hand Cannon!

The Kung Fu Palm!

The Fireball Hadouken!