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We are Toronto’s first augmented reality gaming arena! Battle Mages is our first location-based game where you can play at our facility. We provide mobile augmented reality headsets and a controller so you can take part in the game and be part of the action!

Our game is geared towards people of all ages starting from 8 and up! We are the perfect venue for birthday parties, team building events and private parties! Email us at and we’ll help you plan your next event here!

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How Does This All Work?

We host player versus player games at our facility at 1510 Birchmount Road. If you have ever played paintball or laser tag we are very similar to that team vs team format. We split your group in two teams in which you play against each other in variety of different game modes. Then after facing off against each other you will then work together as one team to battle against the monsters (the computer AI).

You can choose between a 30 mins, 45 mins or 60 mins gaming session. Within that gaming session we have 3 minute game rounds in which you get to see the player rankings at the end of each round.

You are an elite Battle Mage, trained since birth in the art of magic. Your purpose in life is to protect your clan and family from other clans that wish to dominate your lands and homes. This is a player vs player game in which the dominating team with the most eliminations wins!

In order to get started you equip our Battleverse Magic GauntletTM and VR headset. Using the magic gauntlet you will be taught how to shoot fireballs out of your hands and how to use your special abilities. Once you are ready to play, we place you in the arena to face off against your friends, family, and coworkers in a paintball like elimination match. After battling each other you will then team-up together as one big team to fight against monsters!

What Do You Get?

The Missions You Get To Play

  • Elimination – Last team standing wins (Player vs Player)
  • Domination- The team with the most eliminations win (Player vs Player)
  • Beast Protector – Each team must protect their sacred beasts from the enemy (Player vs Player)
  • Portal Invasion – Work together to defend the Earth realm from invading orcs! (Players vs Monsters)

The 4 Battle Mage Characters

Players can choose between 4 different characters each with their own special ability.

  • Guardian – Special Ability – Set down Magical Shields that will help protect teammates
  • Vanguard – Special Ability – Shoot 3 magical bolts at once
  • Druid – Special Ability – Can heal their wounds
  • Necromancer – Special Ability – Summon skeleton warriors to aid them in battle

What else do you get?

  • Game gear training – we’ll show you how to use the equipment
  • Game host – we’ll have a designated game host to help run your game smoothly
  • Photos – We will be taking  your in-game photos so you can share it on your social media!

How Do You Shoot Augmented Reality Fireballs?

Simply put on our Augmented reality headset and arm controller we call the HAND CANNON and blast away!

The Hand Cannon!

The Kung Fu Palm!

The Fireball Hadouken!

What Kind Of Games Do We Play?

You will get to play our 6 game modes – 3x Player vs Player and 3x Players vs Computer games. We divide your time into 3 minute rounds in which at the end of each round you can see your score! The longer the game session the more rounds we can play.

Player vs Player Arena Battle

Team Co-op vs. Monsters (Computer AI)

How Do You Book a Session With Us?

Click the Book Now button or Call us to book a session at our facility (1510 Birchmount Road) where you can choose which time slot you prefer!

  • Dedicated Game Host for your game!
  • Intense AR Gaming Session!
  • 4 to 10 Players per session
  • Great for Ages 8 and up
  • YES! We do Birthdays, Company and Private parties!

30 mins Game Session

$2995per person

1 hour Game Session ($5 Off Group DEAL! Org Price $39.95)

$3495per person

Birthday Package for 8 (Org Price $319.60)

$2758 people
  • 1 Hour Of Gamplay
  • 2 Medium Pizzas & 1 Drink Per Person
  • Action Packed Video Of Your Game
  • Free 45 mins Party Table After The Game
  • Fun Birthday Song

Birthday Package for 10 (Org Price $399.50)

$33510 people
  • 1 Hour Of Gamplay
  • 2 Medium Pizzas & 1 Drink Per Person
  • Action Packed Video Of Your Game
  • Free 45 mins Party Table After The Game
  • Fun Birthday Song


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