What is Battleverse?

We are an augmented reality entertainment and game development company located at 1510 Birchmount Road in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada.

Battleverse is an augmented reality game development company that offers a new unique and action-packed experience by immersing you into the game. We provide licensing for our augmented reality team-based games that are similar to Paintball and Laser tag. The way it works is that two teams battle each other by blasting virtual fireballs at each other! And they can team up together to battle monsters that are invading Earth. It’s like dodgeball with magic powers! From throwing magic bolts to summoning creatures, the fight is in your hands!

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We specialize in offering a monthly subscription license for our augmented reality games to family entertainment centers. What you get as part of our package is our starter pack of 4 team-based games that can have up to 10 players playing together. In addition, you get new updates, features and support from our team. If you are interested to learn more checkout our Licensing page.

About Our Augmented Reality Games

Player vs. Player Games

Team Co-op vs. Monsters (Computer)

Whether going in as a guild or adventuring solo, come check us out! We have private and public options that will place up to 8 players on the battlefield. Book with Battleverse for a unique game experience for corporate, private, and birthday events!
Be part of the game! No longer do you have to be tied down by a controller in front of a TV screen. Here at Battleverse, you ARE in the game! Dodge your enemy’s magic bolts, cast shields to protect teammates, or summon the undead to battle; the fight is up to you! We offer a unique team building experience where you can be the main character of your story!

Here at Battleverse, the controller is YOU! Fitted with an augmented reality headset and a magical gauntlet, you control how you fight the battle and play the game. We aim to alter your reality and bring you into our gaming universe. Battleverse is glad to welcome you, your friends and family into the new age of gaming!


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